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Many people overlook the fact that their diet has a big impact on how healthy their mouth is. A diet rich in good nutrients will do wonders for your oral health.

If you don’t have a balanced diet, you not only do damage to the rest of your body, but you put your mouth and teeth at risk for myriad complications. So in order to help you avoid any of those problems, take a look at exactly why a good diet is so important for your oral health.

Prevents cavities

A good diet is proven to prevent cavities. If you have a diet that’s high in sugary or acidic foods (soda is one of the main culprits here) then you’re making it harder on your mouth to do its job in preventing cavities. Sugary, acidic foods and drinks wear away at your enamel – the outer layer of your teeth – causing cavities.

Wards off gum disease

Gum disease affects millions of Americans, yet it’s also easily preventable if you eat a balanced diet. Sugar isn’t just bad for your teeth – it does a number on your gums as well.

Oral health is tied to systemic health

The other reason to eat a good diet that helps your oral health be in as good of shape as possible is that there’s a direct correlation between oral health and systemic health, or how healthy the rest of your body is. Poor oral health has been linked to issues such as heart disease and cancer, so ensuring that your oral health is in good shape is in your best interests.

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