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You may already know that you should exercise if you want to stay in shape. You may also know that exercise is important if you want to keep your body, heart, and even your brain healthy. However, are you aware that exercising will also help you keep your gums strong and healthy?

You see, gum disease is actually caused by plaque, which is a filmy substance that forms on your teeth. Unfortunately, if you don’t remove plaque from your pearly whites, your gums might be irritated. If you don’t address your gum disease, you may have to deal with bad breath, sensitive teeth, and you could eventually have to deal with missing teeth. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid tooth decay. Luckily, if you exercise, you’ll be less susceptible to gum disease.

If you do exercise at least three times a week and don’t smoke, you could actually be 50% less likely to develop gum disease. Still, you don’t have to engage in vigorous exercise to reduce your chance of getting gum disease. If you are not exercising but would like to start, there are a number of things you could try. For example, you could also start by doing something you enjoy. While there are many options you could try, please don’t forget that you’ll get the most benefit out of exercising at least three times a week. If you would like to learn more, please set up an appointment with your doctor.

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