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When you are suffering from a damaged or unflattering tooth, it can be challenging to determine how best to protect the weakened tooth structure. We invite you to speak with our dentist about the possibility of having a dental crown placed. These durable dental restorations cover the whole upper portion of the teeth above the gum line to protect the tooth from further damage and to restore its appearance. We invite you to learn more about how custom dental crowns can preserve a tooth and keep your smile in great shape.

The unfortunate occurrence of severe tooth damage can result in the need to cover a tooth completely in order to preserve it. Oftentimes, a dental crown can provide the necessary protection and durability to preserve your oral health, even when it comes to teeth that have been shattered into pieces. We can cover the tooth with a dental crown to securely hold the pieces together and help the tooth maintain its function so that it serves your smile well.

You may find that a dental crown provides the support and durability lacking in a damaged tooth and can actually help that tooth last for several more decades. For example, the development of a large cavity may require a dental filling on a tooth that has insufficient remaining structure, but the placement of a dental crown can bond the filling to the tooth so that the structure holds together. Dental crowns may also be recommended for children who struggle with a high risk of cavities and would benefit from a safe and effective dental treatment.

To further discuss the benefits of dental crowns in Cameron Park, California, with our dentist, Dr. Sonny Afshar, we invite you to contact Country Club Dental at 530.677.4457 today for a consultation.