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When two or more of your teeth meet at an imperfect angle, then excess wear and tear can gradually damage the tooth enamel on one or multiple teeth. This condition, which is known as dental attrition, can lead to several other dental problems.

As time goes on, the compromised area of tooth enamel can start to foster a cavity. As it spreads the sensitive dentin layer under the tooth enamel might be exposed. This can cause significant discomfort when eating and drinking.

If the area of dental attrition isn’t treated in a timely manner, the tooth decay may spread deeper into the tooth. This may infect the pulp, root, or nerve of the tooth, requiring a root canal and eventual dental crown.

Even if a cavity doesn’t develop in the damaged tooth enamel, the compromised structure of the tooth could cause a chip or dental fracture. When this happens, the internal structure of the tooth may also be traumatized and the tooth’s overall function will be limited.

The location, size, and severity of the dental attrition will largely determine the treatment method that Dr. Sonny Afshar recommends. Small areas of dental attrition might be repaired by applying an amalgam or composite dental filling. If a large area of tooth enamel has been distressed, Dr. Sonny Afshar might need to perform a root canal before fitting you for a dental crown.

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