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Dental implants can give you the smile and satisfaction that you deserve when you have incurred the loss of a tooth. Accidents can destroy your teeth rather easily, but that does not mean you need to wear dentures your entire life. A more permanent option, tooth implants, is available for many qualified individuals. While dentures are removable artificial teeth, dental implants are permanently installed and will act nearly the exact same as the natural teeth that they replace.

Here is a sampling of frequently asked questions to make your decision about dental implants easier:

Question: How long can dental implants last?
Answer: If properly cared for, implants can last an entire lifetime.

Question: Can implants be customized?
Answer: Yes, each individual implant can be customized based on your needs. This includes size, shape, color, and proper fit.

Question: Do implants affect the surrounding natural teeth?
Answer: They positively impact the surrounding teeth by filling in the void of what would be an empty space left from the pre-existing tooth. Because implants are installed directly into the jawbone, they will not pull on the nearby teeth.

Question: What are some of the other benefits of dental implants?
Answer: Dental implants can keep the jawbone strong. They can also act much like natural teeth and provide stability when eating. When you complete a full set of teeth by replacing any missing ones with implants, you can fill out your face back to its normal appearance. A patient is also much more likely to smile after implants are installed.

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