Do you suffer from severe tooth pain, especially when chewing or biting down? Has your tooth become extremely sensitive to cold or hot temperatures? Are the nearby gums swollen and tender? Has the tooth become darkened or discolored? If you answered, “yes,” to any of these questions, you may suffer from a tooth infection. A tooth may become infected if damage or decay reaches past the outer layer of the tooth and into the dental pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth where the nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues are located. In addition to being painful, infection in this area can eventually lead to the death of the tooth. To prevent this, our dentists offer root canal therapy.

During root canal therapy, we carefully remove the infected and damaged tissues from the tooth. We then thoroughly clean the tooth and may also reshape the root canal system. The tooth is filled and we place a restoration, such as a crown, on the tooth to restore its strength and structure. In most cases, Drs. Sonny and Fara Afshar are able to complete a root canal in Cameron Park, California, in only one or two appointments at our office. For more information about root canal therapy and our other treatments, please contact our team today at Country Club Dental. We look forward to speaking with you!