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Do you have problems with stinky breath? Is consistent brushing and flossing not giving you the results you want? Your breath odor may be the result of a more serious issue or an uncommon problem you don’t know. Here in Cameron Park, California, dental professionals at Country Club Dental want to help you solve your oral care problems and give you a better smile today.

Bacteria growth can occur when chunks of food stick in between teeth for an amount of time, causing a lingering odor when untouched. Brushing soon after eating and flossing once a day will help break food away and scrub away growth. Be sure to clean the tongue with a scraper or your toothbrush as well.

Saliva is always working hard to break down bacteria and food, but if there is not enough saliva flowing, dry mouth may occur. This can be related to a lack of function in the salivary glands, mouth-breathing, or a certain medication you’re using. See your doctor if your dentist rules out any oral issues. For example, gum disease caused by plaque or infection. Your bad breath may be the result of a health-related issue or your medication.

Gum disease not only comes from inconsistent brushing habits but smoking and tobacco. Quitting tobacco and smoking will help both your oral health but your overall health. They can result in loss of senses, which doesn’t help if you can’t taste or smell your own breath.

Some other useful tips include chewing healthy food, sugarless gum and candy to increase the flow of saliva. Be sure to clean your dentures, especially removing them at night and giving them a proper cleaning. Going to the dentist consistently will ensure you are receiving a proper look at your oral care and prevent any or further problems.

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