Damaged or Infected Teeth Can Be Saved!

If you have a tooth that has been severely damaged or is seriously infected, you may be worried that the tooth will be lost. This doesn’t have to be your outcome, however. Many times, teeth in distress can be saved! This treatment has allowed millions of people to avoid an extraction and instead, restore their teeth. We are talking about root canal therapy.

Today’s methods and technology have made the root canal procedure commonplace. How does root canal therapy relieve your pain and save your smile?

You CAN Overcome Dentophobia!

The dentist’s office has long been a source of bad puns and jokes, but for many of you, a fear of the dentist is no laughing matter. For some, this dental anxiety or fear is so severe that appointments are avoided, and serious oral health issues are ignored. We know that this fear is real, and we want to do what we can to make your visit a comfortable experience no matter what the reason for the anxiety may be. Read on to discover how we help you overcome dentophobia so you can get the dental treatment you need.

Time Can Be on Your Side!

Some of our patients have told us they hesitated to seek dental treatment because they thought it would require a major investment of time to complete. Although procedures used depend upon each patient, we have solutions that can reduce the amount of time involved in some situations. If you have lost most, or all, of your teeth, read on to learn more about a treatment that can give you back your smile in as little as one day.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the areas in the mouth that support the teeth. This includes the gums, the periodontal ligament, and the alveolar bone.

Commonly referred to as gum disease, gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease, and it primarily affects just the gums. The bad news is that if it is ignored, this early stage of gum disease can rapidly progress into the far more serious advanced stage, known as periodontitis. Left untreated, periodontitis can cause irreparable damage, and, in the worst cases, lead to bone and tooth loss.

ClearCorrect Dental Braces Have a “Clear” Advantage!

Correcting crooked, crowded, or improperly spaced teeth through orthodontic treatment will improve your smile. Orthodontic treatment can also help correct speech impediments, jaw pain, chewing difficulties, and more. For many decades, dental braces were the often uncomfortable and painful traditional metal braces. Today, you have more options available, including innovative “invisible” aligners, such as ClearCorrect.

Sedation Dentistry Helps Sooth Dental Anxiety

Do you fear going to the dentist’s office? Despite all the advances in technology and methodology made in dentistry, dental anxiety remains one of the most common phobias. This anxiety can be a major source of distress when it comes time for dental appointments. In fact, 10% of Americans have such a strong dental phobia they avoid going to the dentist altogether. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is a solution that allows you to get the dental treatment you need while remaining relaxed and worry-free.