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Mouthwash is great for keeping bacteria away from your teeth; however, with so many kinds of mouthwash available, how do you choose one that best meets your needs? For instance, did you know that some mouthwashes can actually fight off bad breath and tooth decay?

You may consider choosing a mouthwash that contains alcohol, which kills bacteria more quickly. These types of mouthwash can also help your breath and whiten your teeth. However, if you choose this type of mouthwash, you may feel a slight burning sensation in your mouth.

Another popular type of mouthwash is alcohol- and fluoride-free. These mouthwashes are extremely useful because they can help you fight off bad breath and gum disease without any unpleasant burning. But because this mouthwash doesn’t have fluoride, it may not help you prevent cavities. Fortunately, if you’re interested, you could choose a mouthwash with fluoride that doesn’t have alcohol.

Still, mouthwash may not be enough to keep your teeth healthy and strong. For instance, you know that brushing, flossing, and visiting our dentist are all extremely important for your oral health. Indeed, you should visit our dentist once every six months for a routine cleaning and checkup. During this appointment, we’ll examine the state of your mouth and offer you any personalized advice you may need.

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